Safety Use of Flame Resistant Anti-Static Coverall (FR21)

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Engineering and Administrative controls should always be your first line of defense against workplace hazards, PPE is an essential part of keeping workers safe, and when there’s a risk of flame or fire, flame-resistant (FR) PPE is the only option.

Flame Resistant Anti-Static Coverall' are designed to protect workers from two key hazards: flash fires and electric arc flashes.

In essence, then, any workplace where these hazards may be a risk to employees requires the use of fire-resistant coveralls and other gear. Industries and jobs where flash fires and electric arc flashes are common include:

  • Metallurgy
  • Petrochemicals
  • Industrial electrician
  • Road workers
  • Energy testing technicians
  • Industries that create combustible materials as a product or by-product
  • Workplaces and job sites where flammable gases/vapors or combustible dust might be present

To determine when your workers must wear FR coveralls, conduct a hazard assessment. This may include making reasonable estimates of the incident heat energy of any electric arc hazard to which an employee could be exposed and bringing in an expert to analyze the situation.

Flame-resistant coveralls are a category of safety coveralls made of materials that can self-extinguish when the ignition source is removed. Sounds simple enough, but it’s not always clear when that type of protective equipment is necessary. So, let's take a moment to clear that up.

This coverall is perfect for the extra warm weather demands of the offshore industry. Constructed with a lighter weight highly innovative flame-resistant twill fabric.

All of the Bizflame Plusgarments have been put through the manikintest under EN ISO 11612 and have achievedexcellent results demonstrating the level ofprotection offered to the wearer. Triple stitchedthroughout for strength in the toughestenvironments. Industrial wash flame resistanttape provides enhanced visibility. Prevents buildup of wearer static energy.


● CE certified

● Guaranteed flame resistance for life ofgarment

● Protection against radiant, convective andcontact heat

● Class 2 Welding Protection

● Sew on flame resistant industrial wash tape

● Two tier knee pad pockets allowing twopositioning options

● Two-way zip for quick and easy access

● Hook and loop cuffs for a secure fit

● Radio loops for easy clipping of a radio

● 10 pockets for ample storage

At the end of the day, it’s best to be over-prepared than under-prepared. It only takes one spark to turn a regular workday into an emergency. So, if you even suspect that there’s a risk of a flash fire or electric arc flash, donning FR coveralls that meet the minimum arc rating is essential.



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