Fogging Machines & Walk-through Sanitizer

Fogging Machines & Walk-through Sanitizer

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Lince disinfettante New

Lince disinfettante

Mobile high pressure fog maker complete with fan and ring of nozzles, 60bar, 1l/min pump module, 30L tank, and ON-OFF electric panel. It also has a fan jet range of 7m. It is best used for high roof areas and outdoor fogging...


Nube New


Nube is a system for indoor disinfection, composed of a nebulizer and equipped with a head with 4 disinfectant nozzles...


SaniFog Big New

SaniFog Big

SaniFog Big is a portable nebulizer for indoor disinfection. IDEAL FOR: Offices and Shops, Bus and Ambulances, Bars, Restaurants and Hotel rooms...


SaniFog Small New

SaniFog Small

SaniFog Small is a small, easy to use, nebulizer for indoor disinfection. IDEAL FOR: Cars and vehicles Small/medium offices Home, rooms and bedrooms..