Head Protection Accessories

Head Protection Accessories

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4 points chin strap with chin guard. Spare part for Expertbase safety helmets. Sold in set of 5.CLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET ..


Forestry Combi Kit

This helmet is classified as a General Helmet and it was designed to withstand both top impacts and an electric current up to 2,200 volts. It comes with an ear protector, a Mesh Visor and offers adequate ventilation.CLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET ..


ID Holder

In Case of Emergency stickers for accident victims gives on-site instant access to victims potential lifesaving information and enables emergency contects be quickly notified of the situation 24/7CLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET..


Medical Information Contact

This offers immediate identification of the worker with medical information that could ultimately save the life of the worker in accidents and emergenciesCLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET ..



This simple accessory will complete the PW98 Forestry Kit, offering neck protection against rain and splashes. Easy to install, it is compatible with PW98 and all Endurance Safety helmets. Sold in units of 5.CLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET ..



Soft foam sweat band. Spare part for Expertbase safety helmets. Sold in sets of 10.CLICK TO VIEW DATA SHEET ..